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Those of you who attended JAGFest 2.0 back in February 2018 might remember a riveting staged reading of Nathan Yungerberg’s play Esai’s Table, where destiny meets eternity for three young black men atop an ancient magical table in a mythic tale of black lives, friendship, family, and love. Back then, we volunteered at JAGFest and were able to do a brief interview with this remarkable, thoughtful playwright. (click image for full article)

La Crosse Tribune

Nathan Yungerberg, a nationally recognized playwright who grew up in La Crosse, feels as though the late Sister Thea Bowman is speaking to him as he contemplates writing a play about her life. (click image for full article)

New York Times

Esai's Table was mentioned in a New York Times article about the examination of gun violence onstage. The Pen and the Trigger Finger: Examining Gun Violence Onstage. Live performance is a most direct way to make the fear and heartbreak palpable. (click image for full article)

American Theatre

Despite the recent national headlines about race and violence, love seems to be a recurring theme in this year’s festival offerings. Yungerberg’s Pousada, Azul, directed by Russell G. Jones, is billed as a story of rebirth, transformation and love among African-American expats in Salvador, Brazil. (click on image for full article)

American Theatre

Hands Up: 6 Playwrights: 6 Testaments by Nathan James, Nathan Yungerberg, Idris Goodwin, Glenn Gordon, Dennis Allen II, Eric Holmes
Why these plays now? Kirsten Greenidge, playwright, assistant professor of theatre/playwriting, School of Theatre, Boston University: “Commissioned by the New Black Fest after the shooting of Michael Brown, Hands Up consists of six monologues written by six emerging black male playwrights, exploring their feelings about the well-being of black men in a culture of institutional profiling. We talk a lot about diversity and silenced voices in the theatre, and one set of voices that often gets silenced and overlooked is that of black male playwrights. (click on image for full article)


Nathan Yungerberg’s Hole In My Identity
I was adopted by white parents and raised in an all white, middle-class community, and outside of my never-ending identity crisis, my early life experience as a black American was extremely safe, extremely protected, and extremely dismissed. When I was as a kid, maybe eight, which was around the time that my racial differences were really starting to fuck with my head, I would try so hard to articulate my feelings to my mom and dad, but they just didn't have the experience or understanding to support me. (click on image for full article)

Black Theatre Matters

Nathan Yungerberg’s new play ESAI’S TABLE announces the cast for it’s upcoming reading as part of Cherry Lane Theatre’s Mentor Project 2017. This is the second production of the award-winning initiative, now in its 19th season. (click on image for full article)

In preparation for Hands Up: 6 Playwrights, 6 Testaments, which is being presented by ArtsCenter Stage and Common Ground Theatre with the support of MOJOAA Perfoming Arts Company and in conjunction with the Ladies of the Triangle Theatre (LoTT), I had a chance to speak with playwright Nathan Yungerberg, author of “Holes in My Identity”, about his writing process, inspiration for the play, and the power of theatre to serve as a tool for social change. Please enjoy this wonderful interview! (click on image for full article)

Broadway World

Crowded Fire Theater (CFT) announces the featured playwrights and plays for the 2017 Matchbox Readings Series, an annual program presenting four public staged readings of plays in development. Playwrights include Idris Goodwin, Lisa Marie Rollins, Jonathan Spector, and Nathan Yungerberg. The readings will be presented November 15-18 at Brava! for Women in the Arts. (click on image for full article)

Broadway World

Cherry Lane (Angelina Fiordellisi, Founding Artistic Director; Seri Lawrence, Janio Marrero, Producing Artistic Directors) is proud to announce this year's playwrights and mentors for their Obie Award-winning Mentor Project, culminating with fully-staged productions presented at Cherry Lane (38 Commerce St. in NYC) from February 22 to May 6, 2017. (click on image for full article)

BlackBoard Playwrights Conversations

The inspiration for this play was an African American expat I met my first trip to Salvador Brazil in 2002. She had been living there for around 15 years, long before mass tourism began. She considered herself a gate-keeper of sorts and felt it was her mission to protect the cultural purity of Salvador. She made a lot of judgmental statements about tourists and their reasons for traveling to Bahia. It made me reflect on my own journey there and I was curious and intrigued about what drew her to Salvador and what she was seeking and did she find it? (click on image for full article)

Nubian Drifter

And speaking of sitting and writing about the neighborhood. You have a play, “Pousada Azul,” that takes place in Salvador, which I’m assuming was inspired by time spent in Brazil. How has travel permeated your writing?

NY: I think it’s really made a huge impact. That play in particular is kind of like my ode to Bahia— because I love that place so much. [Pousada Azul] is not even really about my story [in Bahia], other than me extracting all of the memories I had. (click on image for full article)

Brooklyn Paper

Time is on his side, yes it is. Each month, the organizers of a project called Brooklyn Generator choose one young playwright and give them the task of writing a complete, stage-ready play in one month. But since this month’s dramatist was otherwise engaged with writing projects, he has taken far fewer than his allotted 30 days to write his play, “Esai’s Table.” It turns out that was all he needed. (click on image for full article)

Amsterdam News

For the year 2017, you will not see a better play than “Esai’s Table,” which will end its astonishing two-week engagement at the Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce St. in the West Village), Saturday, April 1, with two shows that night, at 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. (click on image for full article)

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am sitting here in a coffee shop in Bed Stuy, facing a huge picture window that overlooks the street. I come here almost every day to write for three hours. By the time I am ready to leave, many of the other tables next to me are filled…but most people choose to sit with their backs to the windows. I guess I can see how it could be distracting, watching the morning life of Bed Stuy unfold along Lewis Ave, but I find it a welcoming reprieve when I come up for air after an intense deep sea dive in the made up world of my plays. (click on image for full article)

Literary North

In anticipation of JAGFest 2.0, we're delighted to publish interviews with some of the participating playwrights. This week's interview is with Nathan Yungerberg, whose play, Esai's Table, will be presented on Friday, February 9, at 7:30 pm at the Briggs Opera House in White River Junction, Vermont. (click on image for full interview)


My ten minute play Brush Strokes has been published in a groundbreaking anthology of inspired ten-minute plays by 12 new and emerging black playwrights, presented by the OBIE Award Winning Harlem9, Inc., presenters of the annual "48Hours in Harlem" festival. (Click on image to order)